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Taxation in Bolivia


Bolivia boasts a simple and attractive taxation system. Investors may obtain fiscal loans locally and in many foreign countries and they may pay taxes in Bolivia. The most important taxes to be taken into account are, 13% VAT or Value Added Tax, 3% non deductible Transactions Tax and Company Profit Tax which is equivalent to 25% of the profits. And, it is paid on a yearly basis and up to 120 days after the closing of the yearly balance. There are no taxes applicable to personal income or capital added values.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The VAT is a tax that is applied on:

• The sale of all movable goods located in the country;
• The work contracts;
• Imports.

The general rate of this tax is of 13%. Debits are compensated with credits resulting from purchases of goods, services and imports directly related to the business of the taxpayer.

Salaries of employees are levied with a complementary 13% VAT with the right to compensate the debits with
credits resulting from the purchase of any goods, services or imports levied with the 13% VAT.

The employer is required to withhold taxes on salary at a rate of 13%.

Import of Goods

Capital goods are subject to an import duty of 5% on CIF value plus 13% of the Value Added Tax, 3% transactions tax, 2% warehouse fee and 1.5% customhouse agent’s fee and 1.92% for the verifying companies.

Imports of non capital goods are subject to a 10% import duty, plus the mentioned VAT, transactions tax (3%) and the other charges.

Special Consumption Tax

The import of vehicles is subject to a further 18% tax. However, passenger carrying vehicles and heavy-load
vehicles are only subject to a further 10% tax (Special Consumption Tax).

All tobacco related products are subject to a further 50% tax.

All imports must be verified as to their quantity, quality and price by foreign companies contracted by the
Government such as the Swiss companies SGS and Inspectorate, which charge a 1.92% fee on CIF value.

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